Analysis, Guide and Mapping of Agrotourism Entrepreneurship Training Paths and experiences

The main results will include:
1. Skill Groups - Skill Groups will integrate the main beneficiaries of the project actions and the key actors in the upskilling, such as trainers, and local organisations in Partners countries to follow up on all the project implementation and actions. The final beneficiaries are at the core of the training path and the aim is that the actors can be fully involved from the beginning to better shape the upskilling pathway in all partner territories. 6 Skill Groups will be established at the EU level.

2. Skills Map and Matrix. Map of skills, resources, best practices and key resources to better shape de training to be developed. The Skills analysis adapted to each territory and final beneficiaries, the mapping of local resources and best practices at the European level, will provide an integrated vision of the starting point and will fix objectives that overcome the local scene. This is a fundamental piece of information. 1 Set of Skills Maps and Matrix will be done at the national level and a joint Report on Best Practices at the EU level will be produced.

3. Skills Digital. Interactive Map with resources for the curriculum will be developed. All the information will be made accessible in all the project languages and in an accessible way so all territories can make use of the data obtained and exploit multiple options. The map at the EU level will be produced.