Testing curriculum and recognition of qualifications in Agrotourism

The main objective of this result is to improve the CV and recognize the acquired skills with the final beneficiaries of the project enhancing the skills of the vulnerable groups and workers of the sector. Their labour insertion and improvement of opportunities of social integration are key elements of UPSKILL+.

The sub-objectives are:

  • To test in real life the training developed by adapting the experience to real improvements.
  • To promote the inclusion in the project as participants from different educational backgrounds and needs.
  • To improve the skills and employability supporting the recognition of skills or re-skilling for the participants.

UPSKILL+ is an upskilling project that aims to develop a tested curriculum in all partner counties with integration of recommendations coming from the final beneficiaries. The learning resources will be linked to the learning outcomes of each learning unit and a combination of completion in turn will form the basis for granting learning Badges. Gamification mechanics such as rewarding, choices, scoring, signposting, certificates and levels will be used to maintain internal motivation.

The platform and contents will be tested with the final target groups to ensure that the mechanisms used are suitable for them. A system for the recognition of skills obtained in the project in the form of OpenBadges-compatible badges based on learned skills and competencies, or other learner achievements, will be created. These badges will provide a physical representation of the learner's effort.

UPSKILL+ will create Open Badges standard compatible badges and a standards compliant assertion / verification service to allow awarding and downloading of Open Badges. A 'internal' badge system will also provide printable PDF certificates with the same visual badges but also clear text information of skills learned and a QR code link that leads back to the PROJECT learning platform to verify authenticity.

The project will provide learners with an upskilling approach via agrotourism, giving them the chance to prove their new acquired competencies and receive a reward for their efforts. The platform and content will be tested to ensure that the learning mechanisms are suitable for the target group.